Creating visually rich content... 

I'm Sophie, an award winning photographer, specialising in creating brand content which bursts with personality.

I work with brands of all shapes and sizes, with a focus on education and health; from the creation of a visual identity, to national marketing campaigns, to personal branding.

I'm based in Sussex and predominately work with clients in London and the South East of England.  I do however travel, with experience of working in hard to reach locations across Australia, Borneo, Malaysia and India, as well as the UK.

Brand photography is all about story telling, about capturing the essence of the brand through strong, versatile images, no matter the scale or context.

Whether you are pulling together a website, a marketing campaign or an image bank, I work with you from 
conception through to delivery.

I have 22 years of experience of working in the media and producing content, always bringing along the energy and the passion for image making.



 Images that tell your brand's story... 

I create brand content through a combination of portraiture, documentary and details, to create a strong visual narrative.


The portraits act as the hero images, capturing attention, often used as the billboard/poster/header/cover image.  


The documentary images create the meat in the sandwich, immersing the viewer in the brand, shot as constructed reality.  


Finally, the details are the punctuation in the brand story, bringing a sprinkle of flavour and context to the content.

Every commission starts with a conversation... so please get in touch, we'll chat through your requirements, come up with a plan and then create content that will engage, promote and elevate your brand.


Make it stand out...

Check out some of my work in use.

Fill your asset bank with engaging content to use on your website, social media and print.

Hello, I'm Sophie!